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What is a VPC file?
Veesus Point Cloud (VPC) files are highly compressed data files. Typically around 30% of the size of a traditional LAS or e57 laser scan file.
How do I view a VPC file?
Download the free viewer linked to on this site.
How do I create a VPC file?
You can do this using the free viewer linked to on this site. For detailed instructions see the video tutorials and instruction manual at www.veesus.com. Typically a VPC file can be created with 3 to 4 clicks of your mouse.
How much does this service cost?
Nothing! It's free for you to upload and download. Simply register and start enjoying the benefits of the PointCloudWarehouse.
Are there any limits to what I can upload?
Currently there is a limit of 5GB per file, or around 400million points.
I need the data in a another format, how can I convert it?
No problem. The free viewer allows you to export the VPC file to common file formats such as LAS, PTS and ASCII text.

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